Saturday, July 22, 2006

fairy tale number 1.

“Hey mum, tell me something?”
“What you want???Some fairytale?”
“No, I know all of them. I want you to make a story for me!”
“Mine lovely spoiled child” said with smile inside, “I will tell you a story, but promise to be quiet!”
“I promise, I promise”...


There was a girl,...

“How old was she?”
“Didn't you promise to be quiet?”
“Well I did but, somehow I simply forget. Sorry mum.”

...and she was quite young, her favourite thing to do was break the glass. Do you know the big boxes for recycling? She loved to come to them and just through the glass inside, then she wait for a moment listening the sound of the glass meeting the iron box. She took another bottle and repeat the whole process again.

“But why she like it?”

“Well, no one knows, just try it, maybe you will find that out. People like weird things. Some of us like making bubbles.”

“Mum don't make fun of me, you know how much I like the bubble makers and bubbles!”

“But why?”

“Well, just try it and you will see. How continue the story?”

One day the girl become depressed. Actually she was not depressed, she was just bit sad, but most of the people get to use to say that they are depressed. No, sad is now not enough, sometimes I wonder which expression will come next.

“Mum, make it shorter, I am needs something interesting, not just the girl..”

“I know, but I am tired... but we will continue about the girl next time OK?”

“OK good night mum”

“Sleep tight dear”


Anonymous Anonymous said...

sometimes people do weirdthings.. maybe everbody... but when you do them because your desspered its like when you canot swim and you are sinking and then you just explode... and then... well quite often its too late...

11:06 pm  

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