Thursday, August 10, 2006

the fairytale continues

"Mum....???" cried the voice in a close squared white room. Room with one bed, one chair, the girl and one window, window with grate .
"Mum!!!!!!!!" she shouted and silence was her answer.
Her mind was in total mess, she needed something to catch it, the pictures were coming to her in the most insane dance, the pink elephant walking in the middle of street, the dwarf with red hat and fire behind its ear, the shadows with faces of dead picture after another, first one more confusing then the second and then the third, forth fifth one. She just wanted to stop it, but she was changing with those pictures for while she was the house feeling all the people inside. Second later she become a fly in the spiders net. the world were changing around her, sometimes she felt the order, the sense, she was the ruler of the world, changing everthing just by movements of her thumb.
Outside was dark night, wind was playing with the old dry leaves, drops of the rain were slowly falling down, no moon, no light, the rain drops started to fall down, bringing the morning without sun. Then another night without moon and another empty morning.
Inside the house with a lot of squared rooms the girl was still lying in the bed without any movement with eyes open, tears were slowly finding their own way through the forest of hers face, climbing down and up to the hills and she did not move to take them off.
Just from her lips went of the words: "I really like the bubbles" ...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Impreseve, well where are you??? I know you have plenty job but could you just leave a short note on the blog that you are still alive??? please... thanks

11:04 pm  
Blogger Faithy said...

yeah i am still alive blog is still alive...soon there will be new stuff...thanks for your words...
btw do i know you?

5:22 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Me your friend =) Anička... :-)

5:59 pm  
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