Thursday, May 31, 2007

last summer msn moods

Pushing myself and my heart into insensitivity I am fading away and so is my humanity

*time sometimes makes no forgiveness**what's the use of trying, all you get is pain**i have my name day*

*do you belive in miracles?i am naive and i am waiting that one day one will come*the only thing coming is sadness*

"i know he love me...he took a halucinogenic cactus while he was thinking about me".... "yeah he took 2 for me"

the vice-president of the club of loosers : )

*i think i should start to pack, otherwise i am not gonna manage*

*afraid of loosing in any way*

the standard: *ALONE* 'cause in a way we are always alone...even with someone, still alone

not caring is the best way not to get hurt

some people are never ending story, i am glad to introduce myself "the quickly ending story"

*fighting with the evil enemy=EE*

all the people are waiting to be found by someone, but we usualy forget to find ourselves
Be careful with what you wish. You may get it.